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Dayamí Hayek was born in 1973 in Havana, Cuba. After finishing her studies at the University of Havana, she moved to Spain and lived for 15 years in Sitges, an iconic town on the Catalan coast very close to Barcelona, ​​with a wide tradition of painters and artists from all disciplines.

For several years she worked in interior design projects, thanks to which she learned the use of all kinds of materials. That experience, together with a high dose of creativity and imagination, made it possible for Dayamí to become a unique artist, characterized by the mixture of various materials in a single work.

She currently lives in Lausanne, Switzerland, dedicating herself fully to artistic creation. Dayamí traveled through many countries of the world and she is passionate about painting everything she saw, both the beauty and the hardness of the Earth.


Her work is cheerful, colorful, while critical and full of hope. Through the use of techniques such as collage and mixed media, Dayamí achieves, in a clear and intentional way, reflecting and making meditate about issues such as environmental pollution, women's rights, world peace, racism, the protection of the environment, the use of technology, among others.


Each of her works has an important story to tell.

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