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26-29 September, 2019

21st Contemporary Art Fair

Art International, Zürich

Since 1999, Art International Zürich has developed into an institution on the Swiss art market. The art fair offers a broad overview of contemporary art and is at the same time a platform for making it accessible to a broad public.

Works from all artistic fields such as painting, graphics, sculpture and photography are exhibited here. It offers figurative and abstract works in small to large formats, by new or established artists. Exhibitors from over 80 countries have already participated at Art International Zürich.

Some Reviews:

Dayamí Hayek creates works deeply connected to the soul, full of silent happiness and sadness. Using colours and brushes, her art is nothing less than a struggle for the soul.“

- Biancoscuro Art Magazine -

“Yesterday was the annual international art exhibition in Zürich. I was impressed by all these artists, but one of them caught my eyes and my heart immediately. And this was Dayamí Hayek. The message behind her artwork is amazing! She picks up important themes of the world and puts them on canvas.”

- New in Zürich -

“The works by Dayamí Hayek are very straight forward, no sharking around the subject - just straight in the eye! It is all on the surface.”

- Art Kunst -

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