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September 1-30, 2021

Exhibition at Les Cubes

Quartier du Flon, Lausanne

In the heart of Lausanne, an Alpine city in Switzerland, the Quartier du Flon offers citizens and visitors a decidedly urban and original space to experience the city in all its diversity; a place to meet, stroll, shop, or enjoy a film, a concert or an exhibition.

Throughout the month of September, the open-air gallery Les Cubes, located in the Quartier de Flon, hosted an extract from several collections by the artist Dayami Hayek. The works were displayed in four glass cubes on the Voie-du-Chariot pedestrian promenade, attracting the attention of visitors to this unique space. The exhibition was very well received by the visiting public and was a great success, serving as a preamble to the upcoming opening of Dayami Hayek's gallery/atelier in Vevey, Switzerland. 

As a corollary to this event, several exhibitions were generated in schools, universities and in various venues, which will be held in 2022 and which will be announced on this website in due course.

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